01.04.2011 > New Single: Song For Sendai

As Japan stands in the wake of the largest natural disaster witnessed in our modern world the rest of the planet just watches in disbelief. Sharing in everyone's horror Steve wrote 'Song For Sendai' as his interpretation of the atrocities that have unfortunately become the reality for many Japanese families.

Song for Sendai was inspired by the images broadcast to the world following the unforgettable events and having just returned from a week-long tour there, Steve found it impossible to remove those images from his thoughts feeling compelled to help in some way. Therefore, all proceeds from this release will be given to the Japanese Red Cross to help with the relief efforts.

The cover art displays the Japanese saying 'kishi kaisei', meaning 'to recover from a desperate situation and overcome adversity'. The Thrillseekers hope the portrayal of this can be heard in the music.

The release date is set for 08/04/2011 and you will be able to download it from Beatport, in the meantime you can check out a preview of the record here.